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Something New

Written by Anton Siddayao


There are a handful of reasons why any person can see change as something quite dauntful. In this time and age, millennials have turned to change as a movement of new thought, and regardless of what race, age, gender group, and idea, the youth - millennials seem to have overpassed whatever circumstance that comes in their way.

For current students, there is that daunting task of thinking about what can be ahead of you versus the thought of what is ahead of you. At the present, you can be thinking about how your finish your current school, or looking further ahead, how you expand your knowledge into reaching your career. And speaking of career, it’s how you can proceed by stepping into new territory; because nobody really knows how what goes beyond the trees you are currently in.



That fear you will face is the change, and how willing you will be in facing that change. Your peers around you are those that can challenge you, moreover challenger yourself to step outside your comfort zones.

One challenge as a student is trying to maximize your student life. Right now you may be studying for a test, or finishing up a school project. You wonder about how your grades may turn, but amidst it all, you challenge yourself to do your best. Regardless of the result, you have a challenge to face everyday, and in facing that challenge is how you push yourself harder, and from there rising from the challenge.



Heraclitus, a pre-Socratic Greek Philosopher once said, “Change is the only constant thing in life.” We face changes, and changes can be easy or difficult depending on how much it can take a toll on you in trying to adapt.

As a student, your university experience is so much more different than your high school experience. You university life allowed you to take a step out of what you are comfortable with, and the change of location, learning environment, meeting new friends, attending alot more social events can be overwhelming. The thought of now being able to place yourself at the beginning makes you decide what you can and can’t do, so you end up trying new things. Student culture differs from university to university, but what is common about all of them is getting outside of your comfort zones.

Journeying throughout your student life can lead you to wonder. Where will I be and what can I do from here?



Newness arises from challenge and change. You challenge yourself to a change, to learn more, and explore the area that you may be studying right now, or even better, a area that you have little knowledge of, and testing the waters from there. Something that you’ve tried could not turn out as what you expect it to be, but despite this new change, you can still divert it to another experience. What new you can gain, no matter if it may be negative or positive, is still growth.

Change can lead to something new. This newness is exhilarating, and you must embrace it no matter how much to you need to adapt to it. Try something new, apply for a university abroad, expand your career and step out of your comfort zone.

Going to a new country, a new university can be daunting, but all new things lead to new experiences, and UKEAS is here to help you. UKEAS has experienced councilors that will assist you through every step. Our FREE service will show quality service, because we are here to be with you throughout your application process. From picking a program, to choosing a university, and ultimately starting your application and making sure we get through every step, together.

Challenge yourself into the new with us, because something new is something good. Your something new can start with us!

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