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Are you an aspiring lawyer?

In July 2014, Nottingham Law School (NLS), England's foremost full-service law school, will hold its first summer school. The NLS International Summer Law Programme is designed to develop your study skills, language skills and lay the foundations for your future in law. Whether you are already studying law in another jurisdiction, studying another discipline, or considering your options, the NLS Summer School will offer a unique opportunity to develop your skills, enhance your CV and give you a taste of the study and practice of law in England.

Why should I choose the NLS Summer School?
The NLS Summer School offers a distinctive programme built around your needs, perfectly balanced between work and play. We want the NLS Summer School to be the experience of a lifetime. Our outstanding programme will place you at the heart of one of Britain's most vibrant cities for at least two weeks. While here with us, you will take part in a diverse range of activities: you will study with us, develop a broad understanding of the foundations of English law and common law method, you will see lawyers and law at work, visit the Supreme Court, meet new people from all over the world and have the opportunity to see England at the height of summer.

While at NLS, you will have access to all of the outstanding facilities our modern campus has to offer, try new things and demonstrate a real interest in the study of law that will be recognised by employers and educational institutions alike. In addition to our legal programme, you can also add to your summer school experience by taking advantage of our bespoke English language course designed to complement the summer school programme and build your legal language skills. The NLS Summer School package is unique and we want you to be a part of it.

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