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Job Description:

To counsel prospective students and their families regarding studying abroad, consequently managing its process flow, correspondence, exhibitions, seminars and liaison related tasks and nurturing the professional relationship established from the beginning towards the achievement of their education goals. It also entails managing relationships and representations with partner educational institutions.

General Requirements:

A recognized degree from a university, with good administrative skills. I
Industry Knowledge is a plus: Understanding of the education industry and its business practices, with experience of minimum 2 years. C
Communication: Good interpersonal communication skills, nurturing professional student/ partner relationships, writing and public speaking skills.


Nurtures and manages the student-company professional relationship throughout the student’s journey towards studying abroad.
Conducts follow up and follow through of support services until the student achieves his study abroad education goals.
Presents the full range of programs across various educational partnerships.
Continually trains and updates himself/ herself by way of seminars from our educational partners to improve his/ her knowledge base.
Focuses on the work at hand to achieve the agreed student recruitment targets set by the Management periodically.
Coordinates with his/ her line manager to monitor and track his/ her recruitment efforts’ progress through out the year.
Educates and advises the students on the best academic options for them.
Responsible for various assigned markets and programs under the Recruitment Manager to meet the targets of the different assigned areas.
Exerts efforts to learn the portfolios of the new partners through participation in various seminars and training sessions geared towards student recruitment.
Organizes well and gives good attention to details; and consistently updates the online CRM system of each student’s new information, progress and outcome.

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