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Recruitment Support Associate:
The Recruitment Support Associate (RSA) is one of the most crucial positions across all of our offices throughout the globe. Our RSA's are basically our Customer Service and Customer Relationship Agents. The RSA is the first point of contact for our students wishing to study abroad, and set the tone for the level of service we provide.

Responsibilities Include:

Answering phone calls and general student inquiries. Contacting students via phone and email to schedule counseling sessions. Communicating with students regarding the University application process. Assisting students in the application process. Regularly following up with our student members.

Monitor and respond to our social media inquiries create contents for instagram and facebook.

Assist in coordinating and participating in our biannual Education Fairs.

Participating in our educational partners training seminars

Participate in marketing/ educational outreach programs and events offsite

We fully expect our RSA's to grow into other positions in the future and are looking for individuals who want to work in a company that rewards effort and enthusiasm.

Minimum Qualifications
Language Skills
Fluency in both spoken and written English
Educational and Employment Background
Bachelor's Degree
Experience studying and living abroad for language, University, or Career-Development programs. (Bonus)
Photoshop or Design Skills

Keen to learn
Has an eye for detail

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