Summer Courses in the UK

These courses generally take place in the British summer time, July-August. You can usually choose to study from 2-6 weeks. Most courses combine intensive English language study with activities, cultural visits, sport and social events and lessons, all meals, activities and tickets for excursions are included in the course fee.
Many summer courses are held at famous British boarding schools where the facilities are outstanding and accommodation is smart and comfortable.
In addition to improving their level of English, students are encouraged to develop new skills, whether in the class room or in sport, music, debating, sailing, riding or art. There are many activities offered at the different schools.
Depending on your course, students will have the chance to visit famous sporting venues, theme parks, and enjoy visits to museums and galleries and of course experience shopping in famous and beautiful British cities.
A summer course can also be a pathway to full time schooling in the UK. Many girls and boys have such a wonderful experience, they want to return and enjoy life in a traditional British boarding school. It is a great way to try life in a boarding school whilst having fun and making new friends from around the world.