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diehl charisse
Manila / Marketing
The United Kingdom Education Advisory Service is commited to providing our students with services to help them prepare for study abroad. We are dedicated to helping our students reach their educational objectives. We believe that students are more succesful when they are studying at the most approprite institution and destination for them.

Belle Yuzon
Manila / UKEAS Counselor
Our counselor will look into your qualification/s and would recommend universities and courses that are of your interest. We will match your resources and skills to the most suitable universities for you.

Siao Ozara
Manila / Intern, Counsellor Assistant
Of course not! Through the years, we have established partnerships with institutions across the globe. We've made it easier for students to discover exactly where they fit in the world.

Belle Yuzon
Manila / UKEAS Counselor
We are equipped with an incredibly experienced staff to ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable. From start to finish, we are there for you. We have all the resources to make the entire experience a successful and memorable one.

Richesa Kyle Carandang
Manila / Counsellor Assistant
We are the only officially authorized representative in the Philippines for most of our partner institutions. We have the largest portfolio of educational partners of any educational consultancy in the entire Philippines. Our partnerships span the globe as UKEAS has been in business for more than 20 years.

Isabella Brotonel
Manila / UKEAS Education Outreach Coordinator
Our counseling services are free of charge. We have hundreds of educational partners who compensate us for our continuted success in upholding the highest standards worthy of their partnership.

Cecil Aguila
Manila / UKEAS Philippines Office Manager
UKEAS as an educational consultancy is not able to provide scholarships. However, we have university partners that do offer partial scholarships up to 3000 pounds off. Also,please take into consideration that it will all depend on your qualification/s such as your grades and employment background to be able to be granted a stipend. Full scholarships are rarely given to students as the competition is very stiff as students from around the world are competing against one grant.

Anna Karenina Buenafe
Manila / TAP Student Ambassador
We can schedule a phone or a skype consultation if you wish to do so. We will always try our best to meet the most convenient schedule of the student in the best way possible!

Stefanie Alabastro
Manila / TAP Student Ambassador
Since we are Filipinos and will be studying abroad we really need to take an english proficiency exam. IELTS or PTE may be waived as some universities have their own english testing exam. A student will not be able to get a conditional offer from a university without IELTS. Without the conditional offer a student cannot apply for a student visa.

Sophia Makisig
Manila / Marketing Associate
Usually a consultation lasts 30 minutes but it depends upon the question and inquiries that you may have. It may take longer and shorter than you expected.

Cecil Aguila
Manila / UKEAS Philippines Office Manager
Get in touch with us! www.ukeas.ph
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