Rewarding Collaborations

UKEAS Group works with its partners to deliver a broad range of targeted, professional, and effective services in each of its markets. We work intimately with both local and international educational institutions and businesses, as well as collaborate with official governmental bodies within the industry.

Some of our services and activities

  • Study World education fairs
  • Counseling Services for students
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Market trends data & insights
  • Education training and development
  • Facilitation of transnational education ties

We are always looking for partners

Our pursuit for partnerships is based on our desire to diversify what we offer to our students and our partners. As we grow as a company and learn more about the needs of our partners and potential partners- we continue to embrace diversifying what services we offer. We are eager to hear about new challenges facing the higher education industry and strategizing how we can play a role in overcoming those challenges.

If you feel as though our network and expertise may serve to assist you in your goals in the education industry- please reach out to us. We are always seeking mutually beneficial and fruitful partnerships that will help to grow our brand and yours.

Contact us

If you're interested in collaborating with
UKEAS in the Philippines- let us know!

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