Studying in Australia

Australia is known for its pristine beaches and exotic animals. If you are planning to add credentials to your academic profile, like getting a certificate course or a vocational course or an additional degree, Australia has a wide variety of options for you. If you are also planning to migrate, Australia is a good option for your family, especially for those who are applying for a PG degree since you are eligible apply for the Post Graduate Work Visa. However, just a quick warning, if you are a major shopaholic and extrovert who likes to go home at 3:00am after a fun night out, you'll probably get a culture shock, as most stores close at 5:00pm. Do not worry, there are still a lot of things to do whether you be at Sydney, Melbourne or Gold Coast. The country is landlocked so it means you can do a lot of road trips with friends, experience nature and the wild if you'd like to.
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Is Australia for me?

Do you intend to work after your study abroad? Would like to eventually migrate in the country? Do you prefer a country where you are closer to the Philippines? Would you like to have different options in terms of studying abroad? Do you like the beach and chilling around in the parks? Then Australia might be the best opportunity for you!

Academic Options

  • Summer programs
  • Foundation/certificate/diploma degree programs
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Pre-master's degree
  • Master's degree

Basic Admission Requirements

  • Transcript
  • Diploma
  • Resume
  • Passport
  • Personal statement
  • Reference letters
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