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Why Study Abroad?


A lot of people wonder what the difference is if you had your education in the Philippines and if you had it in another country. Would there really be a big difference? The answer is YES. Here are THREE important reasons why you should study abroad:


Doors are always open


Studying abroad gives you more opportunities. For example, if you plan to be a tech giant like Mark Zuckerberg, the best place to be in is study in UC San Diego. Just by being in California, the tech city in america, opens up a lot of opportunities for you, like internships in Google or working in a cafe where you meet crazy smart tech people. These opportunities may lead you to where you want to be. Think about it, if you were studying in Manila with an IT degree, do you think you will get the same access compared to a student studying in San Francisco? Proximity is always a good way to identify your path career wise, and studying abroad is one opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.


Networking is great!


When you study abroad, this means you get to meet different people from different countries. Your friends might be the bankers in China or the child of a garment store, whoever they may be, they can all be someone you might need and want to partners with in your future career. Living abroad increases your connections dramatically because staying the your home country means you are surrounded with familiarity which most of than not, limits your capacity to meet new people.




One of the many things that our students always love to tell us is that studying abroad has made them become more independent. Growing up in a filipino household, where you had almost anyone to help you out with everything, really doesnt help in our personal growth, but living and studying abroad prepares you to the real world. When you have independence with yourself confidence follows, then you mature and become responsible with your actions, you learn how to respect different cultures. In short, this experience will not just change your life, it will change YOU.


So if you are able to study abroad, take advantage of the opportunity! If you don’t know where to start, contact UKEAS Philippines today!


If you're ready to begin a new adventure abroad, you've come to the right place. Start your journey, or explore more to find out what UKEAS can do for you!
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