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So, you know you want to study abroad. After some research, you decide you want to apply to a university in the UK. Great choice!

But perhaps you’re worried you won’t meet the grade requirements, or that your level of English isn’t advanced enough.

Maybe it’s as simple as worrying about fitting in, being homesick or not understanding British academic culture.

This is where courses like International Foundation or International Year One comes in. The programme is specially designed to prepare international students, just like you, to successful complete Bachelor’s degree in the UK.


What is an International Foundation?

Coming from High School, an International Foundation is the perfect programme which often lasts one year and is designed to prepare you academically prior to starting your first year of your undergraduate degree.

  • You’ll study modules related to your chosen degree subject area and improve your academic and general English skills.
  • You’ll get additional one-to-one support through smaller class sizes than the ones you’ll experience at university
  • Study either within the chosen university or multi-pathway centres that offers fully equipped classrooms, high-speed IT facilities and Learning Resource Cemtres. Some offer specialist facilities like science labs, art studios, private study areas and social spaces.
  • Designed to give you space and time to make new friends, settle into life abroad and familiarise yourself with student life in the UK.
  • Providing you with various student experiences by making you feel happy and settled down, a key factor for being successful at university
  • Opportunities to various scholarship opportunities


Who is this programme for?

As a high school graduate, these are the reason why most international students chose to study International Foundation:

  • Don’t meet the academic or English language requirements or have an Art and Design portfolio
  • Have the right qualifications but nervous about taking the huge step of studying abroad
  • Get fully prepared by giving you the extra time to adjust to a new academic culture and lifestyle
  • Get familiarised with UK university culture and be confident in transitioning smoothly to your degree
  • If unsure which university to apply to, multipathway centres will give you a wide choice of UK universities including the most prestigious UK universities
  • Guaranteed progression to a degree at chosen UK university, live on-campus, and have full access to university facilities

Here is what one of our students have to say:

“When you walk through Exeter you’ll notice that it has a mix of a modern and classical feel. There’s a bit of old and new wherever you go. For me the best part about the city is the scenery, almost everywhere you go you’ll see fresh green spaces where in the summer you can have picnics. Compared to universities in big cities, Exeter is very calm and relaxing. We’ve also got one of the best campuses with sustainable state-of-the-art facilities, and trees and plants everywhere. If you’re worried that the town is too far away from the “city life” we’ve got an airport where you can easily fly to Paris or Amsterdam, and London is only a few hours away by train.”


Lorenzo from the Philippines, studied International Foundation at INTO University of Exeter and have successfully progressed into University of Exeter studying BA Management & Sustainability. He used to be President of Filipino Society and now a member of Enactus (Student Social Enterprise) at the University of Exeter.

You can find out more about the International Foundation by watching this video: 


What is the International Year One?

International Year One in the UK is perfect choice if you have not met the entry requirements to apply directly to a UK university. It’s called International Year One because you’ll study the first year of your degree in one of the fantastic study centers that offer such course, and then progress directly into year two of your undergraduate degree.* You’ll have full university status from day one.

  • Your degree will take the same amount of time to complete Bachelor’s degree and you’ll gain research and study skills needed to succeed during your undergraduate degree.
  • Instead of a generic preparation course, you’ll develop academic theory, study and research abilities needed to succeed in your chosen degree
  • Your study modules will mirror the university modules and some options include teaching alongside university student to help you get used to UK teaching styles
  • You’ll also enjoy something that university students won’t have an access to – Personal care and support such as on-campus accommodation, dedicated personal tutors, visa guidance, opening bank accounts, registering with a doctor, and so much more
  • Experienced teachers in teaching international students and small class sizes meaning high level of personal attention
  • Students will all enjoy learning and social facilities, as well as having access to all university support services for those programme that are taught at the university
  • Only few universities offer this course in Business, Accounting and Finance, Management, Engineering, Art and Design, Psychology, and Architecture.

*International Year One is also known as International Year Two in Scotland


Who is this programme for?

International Year One is suitable for non-UK or EU students who are/have:

  • IELTS UKVI result of 5.5 or higher, depending on the course and term length
  • Completed A-levels; or
  • Completed an International Foundation programme; or
  • Already studying first year in your home country and don’t meet UK university entry requirements
  • Guaranteed progression at your chosen university or higher ranked university depending on your result
  • Need additional personalized support for better transition and higher grades
  • Looking for various scholarship opportunities


Here is what one of our students have to say:

“International Year One programme, curriculum and grading systems are designed in line with university standards, so if you do well during your programme, it’s safe to say you’ll do equally well at university.”

 Gizem from Turkey, studied International Year One in Business at INTO Newcastle University


You can find out more about International Year One by watching this video: 


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