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How hard work and UBridge helped me get into Berkeley and UCLA

By Karmin Huang


Hi! My name is Karmin Huang. I have been smiling every day since UC admissions season finished because I received acceptances from UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara and UC Davis. UCLA is my dream school and I will be attending next fall. I still can't believe I actually got in! I honestly didn't think this was possible when I first came to the US.  Here's my story...


I came to the US to try the UC transfer process at UBridge because I believe in my abilities and did not want to let my 5.5 IELTS score define me.

With a career plan in the pharmacy industry in mind, it became just natural for me to choose biochemistry as my major. When I would tell others about my major they would say how tough of a major I chose because of the intense English vocabulary requirements. My UBridge advisor guided me to all the right classes and helped ensure a smooth transition into my courses. They built a schedule for me that allowed me to transition into the most difficult courses well after I had arrived in the US. Working with UBridge, I eventually succeeded in proving to myself and everyone else that you really do get a chance to realize your dream if you work very hard.


UBridge Silicon Valley Campus


I am glad that I chose to study at UBridge Silicon Valley (hosted by College of San Mateo). It's a big, beautiful campus with an overview of the bay. The school has first-class facilities, especially the science labs. I forged so many unforgettable memories here, both tough ones and joyful memories. I will cherish my time there forever.



A tough adjustment period

The adjustment process was hard for me not only because being a non-native English speaker impacted my confidence, but also because the professors teach quite differently from those in my home country. Teachers in my home country state facts and we are responsible for taking exact notes on those facts. But in the US classroom, professors play more of a guiding role and we are required to think independently. Luckily, I had my private UBridge advisor to lead me to find my own way of studying and help get me out of my comfort zone.


Excellent professors, fun classroom

Most of our professors came from UC campuses and other elite universities. They are devoted teachers and some of my teachers even adopted a humorous teaching style to help break through the difficulties associated with a science major. I found that my classroom environment involved many group discussions, but made room for fun when possible.



A total of 13 lab hours per week!

It's true that biochemistry is tough. With a focus on biochemistry, my courses are all about physics, biology and chemistry as well as English and math. In my last semester, I had to do 6 hours of lab per week for chemistry, 5 for biology and 2 for physics. That's a lot of work pressure. What I am trying to say here is that you need someone to help you understand the big picture and help manage your life outside of school so you can focus on your studies. UBridge gave me that gift.


A few words about UBridge

I want to leave you with a few examples of how UBridge took care of my life inside and outside of the classroom. They are there for you academically and personally--my advisor once even took me to the hospital. My advisor often sat down with me to explore my future career and provided useful advice. Throughout the transfer application process, she was a huge help. She guided me through the application process, including meeting with me to talk about my essays--both generating ideas to discuss as well as to review my work. The advisors are really smart, too.  One of the advisors on my campus was accepted to every UC school and went to UCLA, so it was great to talk to her about my choices after I got in. UBridge is literally my bridge to my dream!


-by Karmin Huang





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