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Would you like to boost your knowledge in topics like creating your effective personal statements, know more about course offerings or simply figure out the best university for you? If you do, Attending our free webinars is a great way to jumpstart your study abroad plans!


UKEAS online webinars are hosted in different platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. You have lots of options on how to join our webinars! You can use your desktop, laptop or phone device as long as you have downloaded the app being used for the webinar.

How do you join our webinars?

Follow our Facebook and Instagram page to get information about our future webinars! Sign up with the link provided in the post. Once you have registered for the webinar, expect to receive a confirmation email with the link to the webinar.


During the webinar
We do not require you to open your camera or your microphone. We highly encourage you to turn off your camera and microphone in order not to distract your co-participants and the speaker. You can turn on your microphone to ask your questions. Make sure to engage! Save your questions for the Q&A portion of the webinar- our speakers are more than happy to cater to your inquiries.

After the webinar

We will be guiding you even after the webinar has concluded. Expect another email after the webinar. Make sure to let us know if you are in need of assistance- whether it’s information about UK universities, entry requirements, or even up to scholarships and visa assistance. Feel free to fill out the Feedback Form! We extremely value your feedback to our ongoing effort in bridging you to international education and this will certainly help us for our future webinars.


Invite your friends and see you soon!


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