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If you are an aspiring international student wanting a vibrant, diverse and safe home, University of Chester is for you, here are the reasons why! 


The campuses are all built with an old European style but yet equipped with the most up to date facilities and methods of teaching. University of Chester is highly community-orientated and one of the greatest features about the university are the small class sizes which makes campus life less intimidating and more accommodating to your needs.


The City of Chester is charming and small, making it an ideal city of students where the nightlife is also quite lively. The city is located near Liverpool and Manchester and is hailed as the Safest City Based  University in North West England (Complete University Guide 2019) and The Second Most Student-Friendly City in the UK (The Sun 2019). 

The courses have an emphasis on practical learning via industry placements, training  or overseas opportunities, ranging from five-weeks to one-year. Furthermore, There is a dedicated Careers and Employability Centre which can provide help to students on particular matters such as interviewing, developing a curriculum vitae or seeking general career advice.


At University of Chester, they offer a wealth of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. These are some and most famous study options for SouthEast Asian students:

  • Business

  • Management

  • Psychology


Bonus! The University of Chester offers generous international and merit based scholarships (up to £3,000 per year) for both undergraduate and postgraduate study, providing a significant reduction to the headline tuition fees. 


Meet their students! 


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