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We’ve all heard about the usual degrees—law, medicine, engineering and business, to name a few— but frankly, we can’t all be one of those. There are times when we need to step outside the box and try something new.

While some may just enjoy the usual pint at the pub, others might be more interested in the science of making beer. Even the most trivial of things in the world may have their own degrees.

So, without further ado, here are ten degrees that you probably didn’t know existed.

1.    Brewing and Distilling (Heriot Watt University)

For those who find just drinking beer to be quite lacklustre, there’s a masters degree that’ll teach you how to brew some. Heriot Watt’s MSc Brewing and Distilling programme prepares students for entry into the malting, brewing and distilling industries, as well as research.

2.    Theatre Practice (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University College London)

UCL is the home of the first UK degree in puppet theatre, and continues to attract professional puppeteers. The program allows students to develop skills in design, sculpture, manipulation, visual performance, animation, movement, voice, devising and collaborative theatre-making.

3.    International Spa Management (University of Derby)

The University of Derby offers more than one programme in Spa Management, the most attractive being International Spa Management, which gives students the opportunity to work and travel to the world’s top luxury spas.

4.    Ethical Hacking (Abertay University)

Quite ironic, yes? But do not be fooled, this degree does not deal with hacking per se, but rather how to recognize hacking attacks and how to create countermeasures against them. Abertay University has at least 150 students in this programme and their own Ethical Hacking Laboratory.

5.     Equine Studies (Nottingham Trent University)

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Penny Chenery and make your horse the next Secretariat, Nottingham Trent might just be the university for you. In fact, NTU has not one, but six degrees related to Equine Studies. Each degree specializes in different branches of Equine Studies, such as psychology, health, sports science, management and coaching.

6.    Adventure Education (University of Chichester)

As Ellie from Disney’s Up once said, “Adventure is out there!” and the University of Chichester has a degree with the same mantra. The university offers modules that will help one better understand adventure activities, and get into careers such as adventure facilitation, management of outdoor centres, and adventure centre work.

7.    Contemporary Circus and Physical Performance (Bath Spa University)

More than just the art of performing, this program also examines the history of the circus, in relation to other performance arts, such as theatre and dance. This programme offers practical training, balanced with research and analytical skills.

8.    Viking Studies (University College London)

Fans of Norse mythology, rejoice! UCL’s Viking Studies BA offers students the unique opportunity to learn a Scandinavian language, study Scandinavian history and linguistics, and even spend a year abroad in Scandinavia.

9.    Golf Studies (University of Birmingham)

This unique programme is a partnership between the University and the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). It offers modules in the area of sports science, materials science, coaching theory and business management from specialist staff of the University and PGA.

10.  Education Studies (Durham University)

Okay, there’s nothing particularly unique-sounding about this degree. However, at the University of Durham, there is a Harry Potter module which aims to “place the phenomenon that is Harry Potter in its social, cultural and educational context.” Hopefully next time, Harry Potter will have its own degree program.


So whether you’ve found the perfect degree or you’re still searching for that one thing you’re really passionate about, remember that in these times, the opportunities are endless.

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