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Until the 2nd of July, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is accepting requests of unaccepted IB students to salvage their bids of studying in the United Kingdom through UCAS Extra.

It is quite apparent that the majority of students around the world target most of the UK’s top universities. With the IB programme, they can list as many as five colleges and universities which they wish to apply for admission in the UK. After the completion of the programme, students would take an examination. The six subjects each bear a maximum score of seven (7) points while the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay weigh three points at most altogether. Most of the high-calibre universities like Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, St. Andrews require high marks from students—usually within the upper 90% of the maximum score which is 45.

Should a student be accepted from at least two universities of his/her choice, the student would have to identify which one is the firm choice and the insurance choice. If the student is accepted to at least three universities, the student is obliged to turn down offers from the university/universities that he/she least prefers. In the unfortunate event where a student fails to qualify for any of the five universities he/she has set his/her sights on, the student is given a chance to re-apply for a different university of his/her with the help of UCAS.

UCAS Extra is an option given to students who were declined to all the universities he/she has applied for or to students who have pulled out their initial applications in exchange for a new choice of a university. In this case, UCAS will first notify the students if they are eligible for UCAS Extra. If so, the student is given the signal to send his/her application to the university via UCAS. Once an unconditional or conditional offer arises, students can choose to accept or decline it. The students can repeat the process until they either get the offer they desire or remain undecided or unaccepted by July.

For more information, please feel free to contact us through or (632) 940 9525.

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