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Each university has its own myths, old wives’ tales, and or traditions. Most of these revolve on whether or not you will pass a test or graduate. Here’s a list of myths, and some random facts about several unis.

1. Stirling University has its own loch, which is said to be home to a creature not unlike the Loch Ness Monster.

2. The University of York is famous for its duck population, such that it has a Duck of the Day blog, featuring daily pictures of duck around campus.

3. In Durham University, it is considered bad luck to climb to the top of the cathedral before graduating. The steps, however, are safe territory.

4. In Birmingham University, students are in danger of failing their finals if they stand under the Old Joe clock tower when it chimes.

5. At the University of St. Andrews, students risk facing bad luck and failing exams if they step on the initials of Patrick Hamilton marked on the cobbles outside St. Salvatore’s Quad. Once exams finish in the summer, students jump on the initials to celebrate.

6. Graffiti is permitted on college walls at the University of Oxford but only when it celebrates rowing victories over rival colleges.

7. Led Zeppelin played their first gig in the Great Hall of the original Surrey University site in Battersea. It was held on 25 October 1968.

8. The University of Edinburgh is home to the oldest student newspaper, The Student, which was started in 1887 by Robert Louis Stevenson, author of Treasure Island and The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

9. Whenever a new Rector is installed at the University of Aberdeen, tradition dictates that he or she be carried by the student mascot, Angus the Bull, down the high street to a bar where they buy a round of drinks for student supporters.

10. Finalists rushing to hand in their dissertations before the deadline are cheered on by hundreds at the University of Sussex. The annual Dissertation Dash sees staff and students congregate on the route between Library Square and Falmer House. 

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