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MPW is one of the leading institutions in UK known for their custom approach to fifth-and sixth- form of education. They offer GCSEs and A levels in over 45 subjects with the assurance that student’s maximize their services by arranging no more than 8 students per class. The institution has 3 centres in various areas in the UK: in London, Cambridge, and Birmingham.


A/AS Levels

A and AS levels are offered for 16-19 year old students and subjects taught under these levels are valued by employers and focus on academic as well as work-related subjects. These subjects are gateways to most university and college courses.

AS levels can be taken as stand-alone qualification, or the preliminary component of an A level course. AS levels are completed at the end of Year 12 and A2 exams and coursework are added on to as AS level at the end of Year 13 bringing it up to A level standard.

Subjects taught in A/AS level at MPW institutions include accounting, chemistry, economics, English literature, film studies, history, sociology, law, various languages such as Italian and Greek…etc.


GCSE Level

GCSE level subjects are usually taken within two years and final exams are usually held when the student is 16. Though these subjects are not mandatory, students between 14 and 16 years old usually treat the GCSE’s as their qualification.

These subjects are usually treated as a stepping-stone for careers or when pursuing higher education. Various employers and colleges request students to take at least 5 GCSE subjects, so they will come useful in whichever path the student decides to take.

Subjects taught in GCSE level at MPW institutions include art, biology, chemistry, photography, religious studies, mathematics, ICT, various languages such as French, Mandarin, Spanish, Greek,…etc.


MPW London

Courses Offered:

1.      A level: taken over one or two years

2.      GCSE : taken over one year or two years

3.      Retakes: A level and GCSE; several different course durations

4.      Easter Revision: A level and GCSE; intensive one-week courses

5.      Extra Tuition: A level and GCSE; evening, holiday and weekend one-one tuition


MPW Birmingham and MPW Cambridge

Courses Offered:

  1. A level: taken over one or two years
  2. GCSE
  3. Retakes: for both A level and GCSE
  4. Easter Revision
  5. Supplementary Tuition: 1:1 twilight, Saturday morning or holiday sessions for students at other schools.


Partnership with LSE

MPW is a partner of the London School of Economics and once a student finishes with their chosen subjects in MPW, they are given a guaranteed slot in any LSE-led degree delivered through the University of London International Programmes. There are also other options where the student can transfer to the Diploma in Economics or Diploma in Social Sciences. The International Foundation Programme also satisfies entry requirements for the majority of their other undergraduate degrees such as the LLB and the BSc Business Administration.

To know more about BPP University and how to apply, contact us through or call 940 9525.


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