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Anglia Ruskin University’s Research Institutes
The International Office would like to introduce you to the Anglia Ruskin University’s Postgraduate Medical Institute. Please find short summary of the Institute below:

The Postgraduate Medical Institute (PMI) is a partnership of 22 members involving all the British National Health Service (NHS) acute hospitals, primary care trusts and mental health trusts in Essex, plus Essex County Council, Ramsay and Nuffield Hospitals, The Royal Society for Public Health and the faculties of Anglia Ruskin University. The PMI brings together the considerable clinical and academic expertise and resources of all 22 partners for the development of clinical and professional practice in health and social care. The objectives of the Postgraduate Medical Institute are to draw together the combined resources and expertise of the partners through the creation of clinical networks and the pooling of the Partner resources to:

  • establish clinical networks to promote research and the dissemination of best practice
  • develop postgraduate medical and multi-professional learning providing opportunities for postgraduate, post-doctoral and CPD study to enhance and sustain clinical and professional practice
  • encourage and promote research and training across the various levels of health and social care from tertiary to home care, leading to innovation and revision of patient pathways
  • establish research centres of clinical expertise in each of the acute hospital partners of international excellence
  • inform and learn from international best practice regarding various medical and surgery techniques including breast augmentation and reconstructiive surgery, rhinoplasty surgery, facelift surgery and much much more.
  • develop and encourage innovation in medical devices and medical engineering
  • encourage knowledge transfer through conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures.

For more information, please contact UKEAS Philippines.

Olympic win for Anglia Ruskin research partnership
As part of an academic research partnership, Anglia Ruskin University has been awarded a medal at The Podium Awards for its involvement with the development and testing of equine surfaces for London 2012.

Early payment discounts for annual tuition fees
Don’t forget that students can receive an early payment discount on annual tuition fees. Early payment discounts will apply to new and returning non-EU students. For additional information, please contact UKEAS Philippines.

The Childhood and Youth Research Institute
The aim of the Childhood and Youth Research Institute (CYRI) is to bring together the diverse experience and expertise of academics from different disciplines who share an interest in children, young people and their lives and to create a multi-disciplinary initiative which will support, encourage and produce research and publications of an internationally recognised standard. The Institute strives for the production of high quality research that helps to shape and influence the development and implementation of policy and practice and responds to the cultural, social, emotional and health needs of children and young people. The Childhood and Youth Research Institute’s work combines research expertise from the fields of the arts, social sciences, education, health and social care, social policy and law.

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