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Goldsmiths University

What Goldsmiths is doing:

Goldsmiths has been planning for the impact of COVID-19 since January. 

A Critical Incident Group of senior managers has been meeting regularly since January to monitor the rapidly changing situation around Covid-19 and review the measures we have put in place to protect students and staff. All measures are provided with guidance from the government and Public Health England.

The remaining teaching has been moved online and the teaching and learning process remains equitable. Student support teams are working 7 days a week to provide wellbeing and counselling appointments to students via Skype, email or phone.

On 7 April Goldsmiths launched a Covid-19 Online Learning Access Fund to enable at least 300 students in financial difficulty to access a computer or broadband to complete assessments.

Students who can go home to their parental home were asked to do so and those who remain in the campus are given support by the university. 


For prospective applicants:

Applications are still ongoing. They are constantly monitoring the effects of COVID-19 to the applicants and how the situation develops in the UK.

Check for updated information.



University of Leeds

University of Leeds are taking further measures to address all concerns, to protect the students’ and staff’s health and wellbeing, and to ensure that learning can continue.


For prospective international students:

University of Leeds wants to reassure you that they are continually reviewing this and taking all the necessary steps to be as flexible as we can to support all students.

Here are some FAQs for international applicants:


Are you still considering applications? 

  • Yes, but there might be a delay in responses.

Is there a deadline to accept my offer?

  • If you’re applying for an undergraduate course, check UCAS Track. For Masters course, there is no deadline.

I’ve received my unconditional offer from Leeds but am worried about getting my visa in time. What should I do?

  • Don’t worry, where UKVI centres are closed, we will make adjustments if you need to arrive late. 

Will the deadline for applying for University accommodation change?

I am due to start my studies in September. Will you be delaying the start of term?

  • They are currently preparing to welcome students as usual this September. However, there might be changes in flexibility with arrival dates, online teaching in the first semester or later start to the academic year on the campus.


For more information, visit:



Teesside University

Teesside University is following the latest advice from Public Health England, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the World Health Organisation. 

International Applicants FAQs:

Does Teesside University intend to have a September intake as planned?

  • You can still apply for September 2020

Is the UK still issuing Tier 4 Visas?

  • The UK borders remain open and restrictions are most likely temporary. We advise you to proceed with your application and meeting conditions of your offer.

I have an offer for September but will not be able to attend because of Covid 19 restrictions in my home country. What are my options?

  • If your country is in lockdown in September and you are unable to make arrangements to commence your studies, they would be happy to defer your offer to our January 2021 intake.

Are there delays in offer status due to Covid19?

  • Offers are being processed as normal.

I am late submitting my documents as I have been ill with Covid19. Will you allow me late admission/deadline extensions for submitting my docs?

  • They are unable to allow late admissions/deadline extensions. If you are not in a position to submit your documents within the required timescales you will need to defer your offer to their January 2021 intake.

More information here:


If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to us!


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