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Here at UKEAS, we value your health and wellbeing. We understand the uncertainty that this pandemic brings so we are here to keep you well informed of the latest cases, policy changes and improvements made in the UK.


As of 9am on 20 August, 322,280 people have tested positive for COVID-19 (UK). The figures for this test results are compiled from different sources.


How is the UK dealing with Covid-19?

Starting August 15, these places will start to reopen, provided they still follow the health protocol: casinos, skating rinks, bowling alleys, indoor play areas, etc. Starting September 1, schools, colleges and universities are working to fully reopen and on October 1, they will allow audiences in stadiums, conferences and business events. See full complete list of what you can and cannot do in the UK:


There are still restrictions on social gatherings, celebrations and parties.


Staying at home is not required anymore, however, you still have to follow the guidelines on going outside of your home. See complete guidelines:


Don’t forget to stay safe and healthy! If you have any question/s or concern/s, please reach us at: 



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