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This unique experience will give students a truly international insight into the european approach to creativity and the business of fashion. The diverse cultural histories of each of the 4 world fashion capitals give each city its own individual take on the global fashion industry, this experience is designed to highlight the variety of mechanisms and processes that make the fashion industry with the historical and cultural context. In each city the students will have the opportunity to develop a creative project related to a subject specialism. An exciting opportunity to visit internationally acclaimed fashion shows and exhibitions will be offered whenever possible.

Course Period: TBD (4 Weeks)

Week 1 in London - The Design Week
In london students will be introduced to design research and a project drawing on the inspiration that top designs find inspiring about this city. Fashion drawing students will then put together a mini collection of ideas, developing mood boards and trend analysis to underpin their ideas. London is a source of inspiration, experimentation and cutting-edge concepts where fashion design meets contemporary art. London lives for all that is fresh and new, finding original approaches to our subject, questioning the rules and pushing the boundaries of style and taste.

Week 2 in Milano - The Styling Week 
It is in Milan that styling and fashion photography was bourn, where the worlds most acclaimed fashion publicity and editorial campaigns are produced. Students will have the opportunity to choose a season, an italian brand and identify the styles and trends to develop a basic research plan that leads them to make their own photo-shooting. through contacts developed with showrooms, students will be able to make a coherent choice of the garments and accessories in relation with the research as real stylists do before shooting.

Week 3 in Paris - The Business Week 
Paris is the birthplace of fashion. Here students will look at marketing and will get a real taste of the business though a inspiring project. After carrying out research into the luxury aspect of fashion and the city, students will create a visual business plan to launch a new line for an existing label of their choice guided by the informative seminars on contemporary fashion marketing. With the history of couture still rooted in the heart of the french fashion industry, Paris combines a chic outlook with a winning formula for quality and design. The rules of fashion are created here, through an understanding and appreciation of glamour and tradition. The history of couture reflects in the design process of all the major fashion houses of Paris, which has a profound effect on the other related subject be it business or communication.


Week 4 in Shanghai (Optional Extension) - The “New World” Week
Following the renowned european capitals of fashion Milano, Paris and London, Shanghai claims the title of oriental fashion capital, without doubt the fashion capital of the future. The centre for production, technology and fashion innovation in the world’s new leading economy cannot be ignored and this exciting emerging culture needs to be experienced first hand. Look at what makes Shanghai new and unique and what contribution it will make in the near future to the fashion industry of the world from the commercial, technological and creative prospectives.

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