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The University of London International Foundation Programme has been designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to embark successfully on a wide range of demanding undergraduate degree programmes in business, economics, social sciences and related subjects offered through the University of London International Programmes. It has been designed by the London School of Economics (LSE) and Political Science to ensure that students achieve high academic standards, learn appropriate subject knowledge and acquire both the skills and intellectual curiosity to prepare them for rigorous degree level study.

The curriculum is topical and up to date and the course is designed to encourage active learning by engaging with relevant and contemporary issues. Classroom teaching is supported by comprehensive subject guides, text books and a virtual learning environment which includes a wide variety of interactive online material. MPW's aim has been to design a learning experience which is structured, strongly focused on the development of academic skills and, above all, fun.

By successfully completing the programme you will gain guaranteed entry onto an LSE-led degree delivered through the University of London International Programmes. You will also be able to transfer to the Diploma in Economics or Diploma in Social Sciences, if you wish. The International Foundation Programme also satisfies entry requirements for the majority of our other undergraduate degrees such as the LLB and the BSc Business Administration.

MPW is one of only two UK colleges that can offer this programme, which officially is open for registration starting September 2014 intake.

To learn more about this exclusive and prestigious program, please contact UKEAS Philippines immediately at:!

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