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Maiquez, Mikhail Federico
Study in University of South Wales MBA course Manila

Belle is a councilor that can withstand COVID.


My plan to study in UK started sometime in the late 2019 and as we all know, this global pandemic shook everybody’s plan.


However, Belle helped me keep my dreams alive as she was always there reminding me that studying in the UK is still possible and anytime soon, I’ll be flying in there.


Due to the limitations of the lockdown, some requirements are impossible to process but Belle was kind enough to guide me which are those items that I can easily start with.


During the ease of this outbreak, she kept on updating me on changes about my preferred universities and I even get some heads up regarding UK’s health status.


As of writing, I am now at the stage of confirming to a university and Belle is giving me the same amount of assistance that I used to get when I was still looking for one.


Belle makes you feel important and I admire how she nicely gives her honest opinions and recommendations. 


She reverts to my inquiries quickly and I appreciate her transparency in cases when she needs to confirm answers.


If in case you want to explore study opportunities in the UK then UKEAS is the company to be. 


I am very confident that they have talented councilors like Belle ready to help you make your dreams come true.

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